Live Dealer Blackjack

Play blackjack against a live dealer at USA Internet casinos. Play real money blackjack and watch the dealer and your hand being played out in real time over a live streaming feed. The dealer is an actual real person and you play the game just like you would at a land based casino. With the latest advances in technology you can now bring the casino right into your home to play internet blackjack and other popular casino games for real money.

USA Live Dealer Blackjack Casinos

All the above Internet casinos accept USA players and offer a live dealer casino. Play blackjack and watch the dealer in real time over a live streaming feed. These are the only USA live dealer blackjack casinos at this time, but live dealer play is becoming very popular and we expect more Internet casinos to soon offer live dealer play. Join any of the USA live dealer blackjack casinos and start playing online for real money today.

Playing Blackjack at Live Dealer Casinos

When using a live dealer casino to play blackjack, you will play just like you would at a land based casino. You place your bet and the dealer will deal each player two up cards and themselves one up and one down card. Action will then continue around the table and when it is your turn you choose to either hit/stand/double or split, buttons will appear on your screen and you make your choice and the game continues. Be aware you do have a time limit to make your decision so you must pay attention to the game. Unlike computerized online blackjack the hand will not wait for you to make your move. You have 15 seconds to make your choice on how to play your hand. If time expires your hand will remain as is.

The betting limits for Internet live dealer blackjack are much higher than the computerized game. You can bet up to $5000 per hand but also for as little as $5. If you like high limits live dealer blackjack should suit your needs. Because it is an actual person running the game the limits are much higher and if you ever wondered about the fairness of the game being run by a computer live dealer blackjack should ease those suspicions.

Enjoy USA live dealer blackjack online at any of the above USA Internet casinos. If you have not tried live dealer games yet it really is a must try of you like table games. The experience is very similar to playing at a land based casino and you can see and chat with the dealer. Be sure to use our links to make sure you receive the best bonuses available.

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Live Dealer Blackjack Table