About Us

You may wonder why you should take our advice on which USA Internet casino to play at or what makes our website and casino review portal different from the many others available on the Internet. To help answer those questions we thought you would tell you a little about our website internetcasinosusa.com and ourselves.

This website was actually just created this year in 2015 and continues to be a work a progress. We doubt the website will ever be completely “finished” as the Internet Casino industry changes constantly and we do our best to keep up on any recent casino news and pass that information on to you. The staff here at InternetCasinosUSA is comprised mainly of three avid casino players with myself (Travis) having some web development skills.

This website was actually my idea after I never received a cash out from an Internet casino where I was playing at. First I was going to make a website only about that particular casino to warn other casino players not to play there but after talking with two other friends (who are also big Internet casino players) we decided to instead make this website and instead of warning players about just that one casino, we should rather recommend Internet casinos which we knew were safe to play at and offered a great experience.

Between myself and the two other contributors we have easily played at over 50 different Internet casinos and have been playing online for at least last 10 years. Also because we all live in the United States it only made sense to only recommend USA Internet casinos as they were the casinos we were able to play at ourselves and give real reviews and advice. If you also live in the USA, you know USA casino players can only play at USA friendly Internet casinos and we actually wonder how other casino website like ours recommend USA Internet casinos when they do not live in the USA and vice versa? Obviously the people writing the reviews have not played at the casinos so how can you trust a website which recommends casinos which you know they have not played at? Here on our website, we only list internet casinos we have played at extensively ourselves and continue to play at now.

You can be confident the USA Internet Casinos listed here are safe to play at and are highly reputable. You will always receive your payouts timely and you can be sure the games are fair. We only list the best of the best and all the casinos listed have great reputations in the internet gaming community. Aside from playing at the actual casinos we list, once we find a casino which we know offers a great experience and sends payouts quickly, we then also do some research on the casino itself and the people who own the casino. Every casino we list must be licensed and must also undergo third party audits to ensure game fairness. Companies like eCogra will audit a casino to make sure the slots, games and video poker machines are paying out at a high enough percentage which is either the industry average or better. These audits also make sure the casino has strong financial records and actually have enough cash to cover all player balances and also have enough of a cash reserve to cover big wins and progressive jackpots. These audits are crucial to making sure the casino is not a “fly by night” business and that the casino is going to be in business for years to come. These audits are also mandatory in many cases for the casino to keep their license.

Another key factor we look for in the Internet casinos we recommend is to make the casino can process USA deposits and get them approved. Playing from the United States can be frustrating at times if you cannot get a deposit approved. A casino can offer great games, technology and customer service but if you can’t get a deposit approved what does any of that matter? You cant play there anywhere since you cant get a deposit approved. We have made multiple deposits at every casino with multiple credits cards. We have used Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards and only the casinos which met all of criteria AND were able to get credit card deposits approved made our list.

We think you will be highly satisfied with any casino listed here and you can always expect to get deposits approved and receive withdraws quickly. While no one can see the future, you can be pretty certain the casinos listed here will be in business for years to come.

Once you decide which casino you will play at, be sure to use one of our links to visit the casino and sign up to make sure you receive the best bonus available. Because we only work with a few internet casinos they offer our visitors special bonuses and promotions which are always better than the standard bonus offered. By using our links the casino will know you came from our website and you will automatically be eligible for the better bonus.

Good luck and more importantly have fun! See our homepage for a listing of the best USA Internet Casinos to get started or use any of the links along the top menu or our sidebar menu to see a listing of the best casinos for certain features. Enjoy and if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.